Sun Blok Shade System

The SUN-BLOK Pleated Shade System offers you an exciting choice of designs and colours for your decorating projects. Whether for a solarium, a greenhouse, a skylight or a window of any size, no other shade is as versatile, attractive nor dis-tinctive. SUN-BLOK Solarized shades have the advantage of optimum energy savings. An ultra thin layer of aluminum is infused into the back of the fabric. This cools the room in the sum-mer by reflecting the heat waves outside. In the winter, it increases the insulation of the room by 15 % to 60 % by reflecting the heat waves back into the room. SUN-BLOK Pleated Shades are easily adapted to unusually shaped windows such as sloped roofs, A-frames, curved glass etc. Available in a wide choice of colours and types of fabrics, they are the ideal window treatment for your solarium. Below are a few pictures of the SUN-BLOK shade system, to give you the general idea of what they look like.
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