With Retract-A-Dome, you can have a vacation at your home all year round. Retract-A-Dome is a transparent solarium that is built in two end pieces and numerous center sections that slide into position, so you can swim as long as it is over 45 degrees fahrenheit. You cah enjoy your pool as if it was indoor on cold days, or enjoy it as an outdoor pool on a hot day. Now summer-time pleasures such as BBQ's, night dips, and pool parties are possible for long periods of time. And you will not be botherd by mosquitoes or any other nanoying insects. You can feel safe in your Retract-A-Dome, its built from all aluminum and safety glass, and its completely non-corrosive. With Retract-A-Dome you get less cold, less wind, less dirt and dust, less maintenance, lower heating costs and fewer insects. Your pool area also is warmer, more comfortable, cleaner, safer, and it can be enjoyed more often. Below are a few pictures of Retract-A-Domes, to give you a general idea of what they look like.
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